Helping the Veterans in Gloucester,MA

After the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, I thought, “Well what do they need and how can I help?” It took me awhile but I called Lucia Amero at the Veterans Center and she told me that our troops are cold and they need our help. (Click the photo to watch the video)
Here is what you can do:

for a list of what they need
Knitters click here to see how you can help
Drop off a donation at The Veterans Center (12 Emerson Ave, Gloucester)
Take a donation to Sunbanque (156 Prospect St, Gloucester) and get a FREE TAN

Lucia Amero says:
December 7, 2011 at 4:07 pm
You touched my heart. Your generous donation to my office will help our Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen with their needs. As I mentioned to you, we send packages to our Gloucester and Rockport troops. What I may not have told you is that we send to anyone. Recently, we helped 20 Marines on a team, 14 Marines on another team. Fourteen soldiers in one unit, 5 in another. Six sailors on an aircraft carrier on their way to Afghanistan. We can do this because of the generous people like yourself.
I will look for David’s buoy on the Lobster Trap Tree….

My heartfelt thanks to you.


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